The Nostalgist: A Novel

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From award-winning poet Griffin Hansbury comes a searingly honest and darkly funny debut novel about post-9/11 New York City and a lonely young man whose longing for connection drives him to pose as a missing woman’s grief-stricken boyfriend.

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“The gifted Griffin Hansbury has written a highly intelligent and haunting novel, set in New York City during the early wake of 9/11, that is as much about longing for a past that never existed as it is about mourning for actual lives lost. The Nostalgist is a moving, resonant, and distinctive debut.”
–Ralph Sassone, author of The Intimates


“Like Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland, Griffin Hansbury’s lyrical, solidly crafted novel brings you deep into the fabric of New York City and right into the minds of ordinary New Yorkers who are actually more extraordinary than they think. Hansbury captures the very weird post-9/11 months with honesty, humor, precision, and heart.”
–Mike Albo, author of The Underminer