Feral City

“The saddest and the most exhilarating book you will read this year. It is an epic of a liberated city, a philosophical investigation, a love poem addressed to at least a million New Yorkers, and a hex flung at those zombies Moss calls the Normals.” —Lucy Sante 

“A sublime and furious love letter to our city during the plague—to the months when we reclaimed our streets and lived most vividly even in the midst of death. A must for every New Yorker, and for everyone who has ever loved a place.”—Molly Crabapple

Vanishing New York

“Moss, a cantankerous defender of the city he loves, chronicles its disconcerting metamorphosis from cosmopolitan melting pot to bland corporate lounge with passion and vigor; New York is lucky to have him on its side.” – New Yorker

“I love this book.” – John Freeman, Lit Hub

“I haven’t read a more impassioned book in over a decade.” – Gary Shteyngart

The Nostalgist

“Like Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland, Griffin Hansbury’s lyrical, solidly crafted novel brings you deep into the fabric of New York City and right into the minds of ordinary New Yorkers who are actually more extraordinary than they think. Hansbury captures the very weird post-9/11 months with honesty, humor, precision, and heart.” – Mike Albo, author of The Underminer

“an exceptionally engaging debut.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

Day for Night

“Fully plugged into the contemporary scene, Griffin Hansbury’s poems are tingling with the voltage of city culture.” – Billy Collins, former U.S. Poet Laureate

“Day for Night is a strikingly good and compassionate book.” – Eileen Myles, author of Chelsea Girls